Technical Support in Deleting OAS Scanner of McAfee

McAfee is a world famous antivirus solution which helps their users safeguards their data and devices from various online threats. McAfee antivirus manufactures lots of antivirus products and security solutions which are helpful in dealing with the various online threats which can hamper the data and devices of users. McAfee antivirus has the feature of OAS scanner which is one of the best features in the commercial antivirus. The main purpose of on-access scanner which is commonly known as OAS scanner is to scan files and folders from being affected by any infections present on your computer. There is one major drawback associated with the OAS scanner which is that it conflicts with some of the programs present in your computer and hence hampers the working of those programs. This post will help out users in providing support in deleting OAS scanner of McAfee antivirus. In Case users find it difficult in deleting the OAS scanner of McAfee they should contact McAfee Customer Service immediately.

OAS is a part of McAfee antivirus which thoroughly protects user’s computer and provide real time scanning. The steps of deleting OAS scanner of McAfee antivirus could be a little tricky for normal users and they are advised to follow the steps provided in this article for completing the process. Steps required for deleting or disabling OAS scanner of McAfee are as follows:

  • Users are advised to navigate to the start menu of their system and click the button for locating the entire programs folder.
  • After you find the folder click to expand it and find McAfee antivirus from the folder.
  • Choose the option of On-access scanner in the McAfee folder and select yes button to continue.
  • To get into the scanner settings users are advised to double click the access protection on the main screen.
  • Uncheck the prevent services from being stopped and follow the next command to continue.
  • Click on the apply changes to save changes in the settings which you have made.

Users are advised to contact McAfee Support Phone Number +1-855-536-5777 in case they find out difficult to disable OAS Scanner in their system.

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